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The Value of Smoke Detectors for Your Tyler, TX Home | Electrical Service in Tyler, TX

Many people are unaware of the importance of smoke alarms in their homes due to the small number of people living in it. Many homes in Tyler, TX even have two exits. People feel safer with more than one exit in their home. This makes them feel as if having smoke alarms counts as a luxury, however, they seldom consider the fact that should anything catch fire in their home while they are asleep, they will only be able to know about it only through smoke alarms.

Many companies providing electrical services in Tyler, TX install smoke alarms in homes at affordable rates. Let’s find out some of the specific features of smoke detectors and how valuable they are in protecting your family from major property loss and at unfortunate times the loss of loved ones.

Smoke Detectors

Several emergency electrical service providers agree that having smoke detectors saves you from most fires. A smoke detector can ring an alarm at excess smoke emanating from your cooking fire, cigarette butts and even the smoke rising from burnt out wires in the electric panel and various outlets in the house. In Tyler, TX the most common form of household fire has been known to start from a fused circuit which catches throughout the house quickly.

The worst part of it is that it can ignite even when you are asleep. You will never know what was happening until you would be in the middle of it unless you have your electrical contractors install smoke detectors in your entire house.

Types of Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are small, large and have many different characteristics and designs for the various places they have to be used at. However, based on the nature of fire there are only 2 types of it. Let’s have a look at these two types and see which one is a fit for your Tyler, TX home.

1.     Ionized Smoke Detectors

These are generally used to detect flaming fires. When the flames are rather high these smoke detectors can sound an alarm efficiently. These fires do not produce a lot of smoke however they do produce a lot of heat for detection.

2.     Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

These are efficient at detecting smoldering fires. These fires produce a lot of smoke and usually spread silently so you will only find out about the fire until it has spread completely. With a photoelectric smoke detector, you can know of the fire as soon as it starts and that increases your chances to control it.

Most electricians in Tyler, TX prefer installing a combination of both these types as no one can tell exactly what type of fire they can become victims of. When people have a combination of both the detectors they can be warned in any kind of situation.

3.     Monitored Smoke Detectors

Many electrical services prefer installing monitored smoke detectors in Tyler, TX homes. These come with a monitoring station. The smoke alarms sound in the station and you can see which area of your house has been affected. Anyone who would be in that area at the start of the fire can be saved almost immediately due to this intervention.

4.     Smoke Detectors that are Interconnected with One another

You need to have your electrical services company install interconnected smoke detectors as these allow all of the smoke detectors to signal an alarm when even one of these detects a fire. For instance, if there is a fire in the basement then the alarm will sound in all of the smoke alarms of the house.

Installation of Smoke Detectors

Electrical contractors should install smoke detectors appropriately to avoid any mishaps because it was installed incorrectly or it was detecting smoke as a mistake. For instance, the proper place for smoke detectors is the ceiling and even there you have to keep them about a foot away from the lights in the house. If they are away from the lights they won’t mistake their heat for a fire.

Source of Power

You can use smoke detectors that are powered by batteries or the ones that are connected to the wiring in your home. Many times, the main cause of a smoke detector failing is when it is running on batteries and these are drained or low after all the use. But the smoke detectors running on batteries are very easy to install.

In the same manner, if you install smoke detectors in your Tyler, TX home while it is still under construction you will obviously connect it with your home wiring. However, if there is any sort of power disruption you will not be warned of any fires.

The better option is to install smoke detectors that are supported by the wiring in your home and have back up batteries.

You need to be able to change the batteries of your smoke detector. If you can’t do it yourself you should call an electrical repair company to replace the batteries as soon as the detector starts chirping to signal that its batteries are about to die. The wise thing is to ask the electricians to install sealed lithium batteries which can last up to 10 years.

Keep Your Smoke Detectors Well Maintained

Installing the right type of smoke detector that fits your needs completely is the responsibility of the company providing you electrician services in Tyler, TX, however maintaining it is entirely up to you. There are several things that you can do to take care of the smoke detectors in your home.

First of all, you can test whether the alarm is working or not by making use of the test button available on it. Replacing the batteries every year helps too. Try keeping it clean by vacuuming it every six months and making sure that no dust accumulates inside it. You must also change your smoke detectors every ten years to keep its performance at peak.

You can now avail the best electric services in Tyler, TX for the installation of smoke detectors or their repairs in your newly built home or your years old family home. Mister Sparky East Texas has a professional crew that can be available to you at one call and fix any electrical problem in minutes! You can even call an emergency electrician if you need one and they would be at your doorstep in an hour.