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Top Reasons for Calling Emergency Electrical Service in Tyler, TX

Be it your coffee machine, microwave oven, other home appliances or even your office equipment such as your computer and printer; it goes without saying that almost everything in today’s tech-driven world requires electricity to work properly. Therefore, even a small fault in the electrical system can lead to serious setbacks. Under such circumstances, you have no other choice but to call an emergency electrical service in Tyler, TX because electrical faults can not only hinder your daily work but also damage your valuable equipment and in extreme cases, even lead to a fire.

It is important to know the common reasons why people often need an emergency electrical service so that you can avoid the same. And if you ever experience trouble with the electrical system at your place, you would know what to do and whom to contact.

Sudden sparks in the switchboard, strong winds that disrupt the transmission lines or flickering lights are just a few of the many reasons why you might need an emergency electrical service. Read on to find more.

A Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is designed to prevent a large amount of current from flowing in the wires as it can result in overheating and an electrical fire that will damage the electrical system and cause injuries to you as well.

If you overload a switchboard or any electrical power outlet by plugging in too many appliances at once, then it goes without saying that the circuit breaker will trip. As a result, your house or a certain portion of your house will lose power. So if you experience a sudden power cut especially just after switching on a certain button connected to the mains supply, it is likely due to a faltered circuit breaker. This does not normally require an expert electrician as you can easily check your breaker box and reset the tripped circuit. However, if you are unsure about how to go about it or if resetting doesn’t work (because the circuit breaker needs to be replaced instead), then you must immediately contact an emergency electrical service.

Sudden Blackout

A sudden blackout on a stormy night is nothing unusual, but if your house experiences a complete loss of power on a seemingly normal day, then it definitely requires you to call an emergency electrical service in Tyler, TX right away. However, before you rush to grab your phone, make sure you follow these important steps first.

If there has been a complete loss of power, first and foremost, you need to check your circuit breaker. If it hasn’t tripped or if turning it off and then on again doesn’t work, then check with your neighbors. If other people in your neighborhood are facing the same issue, then calling an emergency electrical service is not really the best option. Rather, you should contact your local power company and inform them about the problem. File a complaint and wait for them to solve the issue. On the other hand, if it’s only your house that is experiencing a blackout, then check if you have exceeded the due date to pay your electricity bill. If everything is okay at your end and you cannot identify the reason for the sudden blackout, then without any further delay, immediately call an emergency electrical service.


Flickering lights is one of the top reasons why people require emergency electrical services in Tyler, TX. A constantly fluctuating voltage that makes the light bulbs alternate between dim and bright states might seem a minor nuisance, but it can indicate a major electrical problem in your house. Neglecting it for too long can lead to serious damage. Therefore, if power comes and goes to your lights or other electrical devices, then do not hesitate to call an expert electrician. After all, doing so is important to ensure everyone’s safety.

Other Reasons

Other reasons why you might need an emergency electrical service can include many unforeseen events. Extreme weather conditions such as thunder and lightning are likely to disrupt the transmission lines in the entire area. But sometimes, strong winds, ongoing construction in the neighborhood, or other accidents that damage the electrical poles or wires can cause problems for one or two households only. Hence, instead of relying on the local municipality, you will have to call an electrician by yourself.

Poor maintenance of power outlets and neglecting essential repairs obviously means that you will face difficulties in the future. But while these cannot be classified as emergencies, sometimes you might require electrical service on an urgent basis. For instance, if you notice that your circuit panel is wet or rusty or if you notice sparks in a power outlet due to a sudden power surge, then you must reach out for an electrician to deal with the issue.

What Should You Do?

If you are facing any of these issues in your house or workplace, then it’s time to get help from skilled electricians. To get the best and most efficient emergency electrical service, contact Mister Sparky Electric right away!

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Electrical emergencies can be disruptive to your home and business. But with the help of the best emergency electrical service in Tyler, TX, you can get back to work quickly. Our team of experts is always on time and, with their extraordinary skill set and years of practice, is guaranteed to solve your electrical issues in no time.