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The Importance of Electrical Safety at Work | Electrician Services in Tyler

Are you a worried employer or a scared employee with a workplace that often consists of exposed wires, overloaded outlets, and wet surfaces? Even worse, are you someone who sees all this and is neither worried nor scared?

No excuse is good enough to put safety second. Whether you are a manager who’s responsible for everyone else, or a worker in an electrical surrounding, you must stay informed about all the electrical hazards around you. By being aware, you’d know when you are in need of electrician services in Tyler.


Let’s guarantee safety all around by learning about electrical safety and work.

Types of Electrical Injuries

Even a bit of ignorance on your part can cause a serious injury from an electrical hazard. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep yourself informed on different types of electrical hazards and related injuries:

  • Electrocution
  • Electrical burns. These burns can be extremely painful and even disfiguring. In addition, they are most likely to happen on hands and feet from where the current enters and exits.
  • Electric shocks are caused when someone comes in contact with a live wire or an underground equipment. When the current flows through the body, a person suffers from an electric shock.
  • Sometimes an electric shock may throw a body away, thereby causing further injuries to the affected individual.

People who are most at risk of electrical injuries are electricians, overhead line workers and engineers. However, they are not the only ones. Office workers who are indirectly working with electricity are also at risk if the office has poor electricity maintenance. It is both lawfully and morally necessary for every firm to make sure that their workplace ensures electrical safety to protect all employees from electrical hazards. You can always reach out to electrician services in Tyler to make sure that your employees remain safe at work.


As a matter of fact, it’s highly recommended to have reputable electrician services in Tyler available on call, in case any of the following electrical hazards occur at your workplace:

Electrical Hazards to Look Out for in the Workplace

·     Exposed Electrical Parts

Most of the time, temporary arrangements leave various electrical parts exposed. Some common instances are that of lighting, detached insulation parts on cords or open power distribution units. These electrical parts can cause some serious electrical burns and shocks. Call electrician services in Tyler pronto and get these parts secured and guarded with proper mechanism. If electrical parts are exposed as a result of wear and tear, or any kind of breakage, have them repaired as soon as possible.

·     Outlets with Excessive Pressure

Workplaces that require a large number of personal computers often end up overworking their outlets by connecting many PCs to one. Every outlet has a limit of strain that it can handle; overusing it can lead to electrical fires and shocks as a result of overheating and power shortage. Every day you spend using an overused outlet, it increases the chances of fire and injury in a workplace. A hazard like this needs to be corrected immediately. It’s advised not to handle it by yourself and only trust electrician services in Tyler for the job. You can also ask them to fix new outlets throughout the office for a more secure workplace.

·     Broken and Unrepaired Tools and Equipment

Broken and damaged tools and equipment can put the life of the workers at jeopardy. Even those who try to fix it can end up endangering themselves. Only licensed electrician services in Tyler should be called to take care of damaged equipment.

·     Water

It’s a common knowledge that water and electricity make a deadly combination for humans. Employers need to make sure that all water sources are far away from electrical outlets and machines at work. Anything that leaks should be fixed immediately. Employers also need to conduct basic training and hang warning signs to warn the employees to use dry hands when working with electrical equipment.

·     Inadequate Equipment Grounding

Improper grounding of equipment is one of most common electrical violations that happens in workplaces. Inadequate grounding fails to eliminate unwanted voltage and increases the risk of electrocution.

There’s a metallic ground pin in every electrical equipment that is responsible for returning the unwanted voltage to the ground. If it is removed, you’ll need electrician services in Tyler to help you with proper grounding of equipment.

Safety Tips for Employees

As an employee, if you see any of the hazards, ask your employers to have it fixed by a professional electrician service provider in Tyler. In the meantime, make sure to follow these safety protocols and urge others to do so as well:

  • Only use equipment that is double-insulated and properly grounded.
  • Avoid using equipment near a wet or hot surface.
  • Learn where the main power source is so that in any emergency situation, you can shut it off yourself.
  • To eliminate the risks of shock and fire, unplug all appliances when not in use. Also, unplug cords from the outlet by gripping the plug, and not the cord.
  • Discourage the use of extension cords and power strips and ask your employer to get additional outlets installed.
  • Never ignore the warning signs. If you notice any equipment malfunctioning, overheating or making any kind of noises, report it and stick a “do not use” tag on it.

If you have spotted any of the above mentioned hazards in your workplace, then do not wait a minute longer. Reach out to a reputable electrician service provider in Tyler. The electrical experts at Mister Sparky will be happy to assist you. As a general rule, have everything thoroughly checked-up every six months. Safety always comes first and you can make your workplace hazard free by relying on expert electrician services in Tyler.