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The Causes of Power Surges And How To Protect Against Them: A Guide By Your Electrician Near Me | Tyler, TX

It is not an exaggeration that electricity is called the lifeblood of today’s world. Everywhere we turn, there is electricity. Almost everything we use has some form of electricity or is made better. It is no surprise, then, that with all this power, problems abound.

When you think about electrical problems you must guard against, you might think of lighting problems, power outages, and high energy bills. Another common problem that does not always have pronounced symptoms is power surges. Power surges significantly reduce the life of electrical appliances and can sometimes cause severe damage and failure.

What Is a Power Surge?

A power surge is when the electrical power is suddenly higher than usual. It is just a short spike in voltage, but it can severely damage electrical appliances and equipment. It can result in circuit board and lighting failure. In the worst case, power surges can cause a fire in a home or business.

What Causes Power Surges?

It is often believed that power surges are primarily caused by lightning. You’ll be surprised that 60 to 80 percent of power surges originate within a home or building. Below are some of the causes of power surges.


Turning high-energy devices on and off can cause power surges. Appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners can cause minor fluctuations in power. Most of the time, you won’t notice the changes, but little damage caused accumulates over time, causing appliances to malfunction.

Electrical Overload

Plugging in too many devices into one extension draws too much power from a circuit. This will cause the course to receive a sudden burst of energy, resulting in a power surge.

Wrong or Faulty Wiring

Damaged or exposed wiring is another cause of power surges. This is not always easy because the wires are hidden behind walls.

Smoke coming from outlets and burn marks, a buzzing noise you cannot locate, and a frequently tripping circuit breaker are all signs of faulty wiring. If you notice these signs, immediately call an electrician near me.

Downed Power Lines

Severe storms or falling tree branches can down a power line, which will cause fluctuations in the current. Sometimes they even cause a power outage.

Power Outages

The issue with outages is not so much the lack of power, though that is a huge problem, but the power surge that occurs once the connection is restored.

These voltage spikes usually cause significant damage to any devices and appliances plugged in. Interestingly, 34 percent of power outages are caused by power surges.

Lightning Strikes

When lightning strikes a power line or a transformer, the current is absorbed into the line causing a massive surge in power. While this does not happen very often, it is the most dangerous. Damage caused by lightning can melt and burn wires and even cause fires.

Other Causes

Short circuits, tripping circuit breakers, aging electrical infrastructure, and problems at the power company can all cause minor to significant power surges.

How to Protect Against a Power Surge

Sensitive equipment, like computers, printers, TVs, servers, and medical equipment, are the most commonly affected by a power surge. If the damage is severe, an electrician near me won’t be able to fix the damage. Therefore, you must protect your Tyler, TX home and business against power surges.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are devices that redirect power higher than usual to a ground wire. Whole-house surge protectors are wired to the service panel and must be installed by an electrician near me. They help protect against significant power surges.

Plug-in surge protectors look similar to power strips (below) but function the same as whole-house surge protectors by rerouting excess power to the ground. They help protect against minor surges.

Power Strip

Power strips are extensions with added features. They have an on-and-off switch and can protect against minor surges. They are also cheaper than plug-in surge protectors but don’t offer as much protection.

Backup Generator

A backup generator will keep the power going in case of a power outage. Once the power is back, it won’t switch off until the power supply is steady. You will need an electrician near me in Tyler, TX, to install it for you and connect it to the main board.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System)

A UPS unit protects your devices by constantly monitoring the incoming electricity. If there are any fluctuations, they will adjust the current accordingly. UPS units are usually used for office equipment and data centers.

If any sensitive devices or more excellent protection are needed, whole-house systems are also available but need to be installed by an electrician near me.

Upgrade Wiring

Power surges are more likely to happen if you live in an older house. Old and damaged wiring cannot handle modern loads and will quickly overheat. Consult an electrician near me to see if your home needs rewiring or if upgrading a few things is enough.

Don’t Overload Circuits

Avoid plugging too many devices into one outlet. Remember that extension cords are only a temporary solution. If you do not have enough outlets, ask an electrician near me to install some more.

Unplug Electronics that are not In Use

Finally, always unplug devices that are not in use, even the TV. Especially during an outage, you should make sure that everything is disconnected.

If your backup generator needs to be manually switched on, you will still have to unplug devices, power strips, and plug-in surge protectors. Talk to your electrician near me to learn about other ways you can protect yourself.

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