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A power outage is inconvenient, and for those who rely on electrical medical equipment, it can be life threatening. Mister Sparky electricians in Tyler, TX offer a solution to ensure a consistent power supply for your home or business. Our electrical contractors in Tyler, TX can provide you with the installation of a standby generator. 

The Portable Generator and Its Limitations

Many homes, and especially those with family members relying on electrical medical equipment, use a portable generator for backup. The average portable offers at best from two to four outlets. Furthermore, you are required to purchase, transport and store extra fuel to supply it.

The Standby Generator

Standby generators are permanently fixed in place. You don’t have to move them, or worry as much about their being stolen. Furthermore, you won’t have to transport fuel to supply them. The standby generator typically uses propane or natural gas for fuel, with natural gas being the most popular when available. Natural gas literally provides you with an endless supply without the need to order more as you do with propane.

In addition, the automatic start standby generator, typically tests itself on a weekly basis. This prevents dragging out a portable and struggling to start it when the fuel has fouled up a carburetor. If you have made the decision to install a standby generator, contact our electrical contractors in Tyler, TX today.

Manual or Automatic Start

Standby generators are available as a manual or automatic start. The manual model requires you to manually start the generator when a power outage occurs. An automatic generator starts itself within seconds of the power going off, preventing the need for you to go outdoors in inclement weather.  Once the power is back on, the generator will shut itself off, transferring power back from your electric company. In addition, a standby generator operates quieter than the noisy portable.

The standby generator is available in a variety of sizes. You can select a generator with the ability to power your entire home, or just the basic essentials and everything in between. The automatic generator offers an additional advantage. If you are away when an extended power outage occurs, all your home’s vital system’s are protected such as the heat, preventing frozen pipes in the winter, and preserving the food in your refrigerator and/or freezer. Our electrical contractors in Tyler, TX will provide the professional installation you need.


A standby generator operating on natural gas or propane offers the additional benefit of reduced maintenance. That’s because portable gasoline generators can be affected by gasoline containing ethanol. Ethanol can convert to water in as little as 24 hours, although three or four weeks is more common. Ethanol can clog and damage the engine’s carburetor, and cause damage to other components.  A standby generator doesn’t use gasoline, but propane or natural gas which doesn’t contain ethanol. Special precautions are required for portable generators, and is one reason why homeowner’s prefer the standby. Mister Sparky electrical contractors in Tyler, TX can provide a trouble free installation for you.

A portable generator should be cranked at least every 2 weeks and allowed to run for several minutes to help ensure it will function when needed without a trip to a small engine shop for repair. In addition, a fuel stabilizer with ethanol treatment should be used in the gas as directed to slow the conversion of ethanol to water. Follow the directions carefully, to ensure you use the correct amount. These precautions will assist in maintaining the portable generator and ensuring it will start when needed.

A standby generator eliminates the need for these actions, although a manual start standby generator should also be started every week or two to ensure it will start right up when needed. As previously stated, an automatic standby generator self starts for testing and when the power is out. You can assure the comfort, safety and health of your family when you contact Mister Sparky electrical contractors in Tyler, TX for the installation of a standby generator.

The Benefits

Have you ever considered the inconvenience of an extended power outage? It affects the following and more:

  • Even gas heating systems rely on electricity for its controls. Without electricity, most heating systems are unable to heat your home. During the summer, the loss of power exposes you and your family to the heat. Furthermore, if you have a chronically ill family member, the loss of air conditioning may be life threatening.
  • The loss of food in refrigerators and freezers can be costly.
  • Cordless phones and the internet won’t work.
  • Electrical medical equipment won’t work, a life threatening situation for those dependent on oxygen, a ventilator and other equipment.
  • Most modern gas water heaters require electricity for the controls and thermostat.
  • Home security may not function, including security lights. A generator helps ensure the safety of your home in a dark neighborhood.
  • Businesses are unable to operate, creating a loss of income.

If you are ready to install a standby generator, Mister Sparky electrical contractors in Tyler, TX can provide a professional installation, whether you want to power just the basic necessities or your entire home.

You are required to use licensed electrical contractors in Tyler, TX for the installation of a standby generator. The installation requires the services of an licensed electrician to provide the specified wiring at the power meter, the installation of a transfer switch, and a  connection to the main electrical panel. Mister Sparky electrical contractors in Tyler, TX have the required expertise and experience to provide a professional  standby generator installation for your home or business.

Contact Mister Sparky for answers to your questions, to receive an estimate or to schedule standby generator installation. You can count on our electricians in Tyler, TX for reliable electrical installation and electrical repair. For a broad range of electrical services for your home or business, contact Mister Sparky electrical contractors in Tyler, TX. We serve Charles, Tyler and the surrounding areas. Mister Sparky is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.