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Signs You Need Electrical Repair | Electrical Repair in Tyler, TX

From the time we get up till the time we go to sleep, and even then, we all depend on electricity and electric appliances in one way or another. From using washing machines and irons to turning a light on and ringing the doorbell; all require electricity.

Majority if the people living in Tyler, TX don’t even realize their actions when they use electrical appliances. They are oblivious to what lies behind their walls and gives them the ability to efficiently go about their day.

When everything is working fine and in order, you don’t even realize how much convenience electricity has provided us, and don’t pay attention until the wiring or breakers are damaged and go haywire.

Although small damages don’t pose immediate threat, but if they are ignored, they might be symptomatic of a more complex problem coming soon. For the majority of homeowners in Tyler, TX damaged wiring goes unnoticed as they can’t distinguish between a damaged and undamaged circuitry. This can cause serious damages and accidents if not diagnosed and repaired in time.

According to the US Fire Administration, damaged and faulty wiring causes an estimate of 53,000 fires each year. These fires are incredibly destructive and incur a loss of 1.4 billion dollars each year in damages to property; and claim more than 500 lives. So it is incredibly important for you and your property’s well being that you keep a regular check on the wiring at your home.

A fairly regular check will make sure that you don’t have faulty wiring and if there is, it will aid you in finding it out before the damage is done. Catching early symptoms of damage can help prevent any bigger catastrophe and keep you safe; if you are able to recognize warning signs, take prompt action and get electrical repair done.

If you are inexperienced with electrical systems and have never come across them then here are some red flags you need to look out for. These red flags are signals of damage, and if you recognize them you should call electrical repair services in Tyler, TX immediately.

1.     Worn Out Wiring

Similar to the venous system in our bodies, your property in Tyler, TX has a wiring system that runs behind the walls, carrying electric charge to every outlet. Over time these wiring with extensive use can fray and the metal can start to corrode and wear down.

Or they can also be externally damaged by construction or nails hammered into the walls. And if you have a vermin problem in your area, the critters can bite and chew on the wires.

If you notice any rodent infestation in your Tyler, TX property, then check the wiring to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. Aged, damaged and worn out wires can cause a lot of damage if not immediately replaced by an electrical repair service.

2.     Sparking and Shocking Outlets

The next sign is easier to detect as you do it multiple time on daily basis. Whenever you turn a light on, ring the doorbell or plug a device into an outlet; your plug and switch both should not spark and shock you.

But if you find that the switches in your Tyler, TX home are sparking you, it is a sign of damaged wiring or from a faulty switch. Sometimes these shocks can be caused by circuits that short near the wiring enclosures.

If you find your switches doing the same it might not directly mean immediate danger, but it is wiser to call an electrical repair service and get it checked and replaced.

3.     Sooty Switches and Outlets

Switches and outlets can give signs of damage in another way. If you find your switches or outlets to be discolored by a black sooty mark, then it is a serious sign of damage in your wiring.

The discoloration comes from a mini fire near the outlet which is caused by a short circuit or a loose connection. The heat from the fire causes the surface of the switch to blacken.

If you see any discoloration and burning like marks on your outlets then call electrical repair services in Tyler, TX and get it repaired.

4.     Flickering Lights

Although flickering and dimming lights can be sign of the bulb wearing out, it is possible that it might not be the reason. Especially if you have just installed new bulbs in your Tyler, TX home. Flickering lights could mean a fluctuating voltage caused by an overload on your wiring.

Another sign of an overloaded wiring is when your lights dim as soon as you turn on heavier appliances. If you come across these signs and call electrical repair services to coma and have a look at your wiring and take action accordingly.

5.     Tripping Fuses and Breakers

Circuit breakers and fuses are a like buffers which regulate the amount of current your home in Tyler, TX receives. If there is a surge and your house gets and more than maximum ampere rating, the breakers trip but the fuses just burn out.

If you experience your breaker tripping more frequently then it could either mean that you are using too many heavy appliances at the same time; or that the circuitry and wiring in your house is faulty. It is wise to call an electrical repair expert to have a look at it and repair any damages.

6.     Burning Smell and Smoke

Acrid and sharp burning smell is never a good sign coming from your home in Tyler, TX. If you experience it then the smell might either be coming from small short circuits near your switches or from a bigger circuit break. Either way it is not a good sign and can pose danger for a fire.

In case you come across this sign then immediately call electrical repair services, keep a fire extinguisher near and don’t touch any electrical outlets until they arrive.

These signs are a few tell-tale signals to keep an eye out for to detect early signs of damage. It is imperative for your safety to not ignore these signs and immediately call for electrical repair help and prevent a catastrophe.

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