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Myths About Solar Energy: An Electrician Near Me Explains | Tyler, TX

On September 28, 2022, the vicious hurricane Ian swept across parts of southwest Florida and in a blink of an eye, millions of households lost power and properties were destroyed. Shockingly, a small community in southwest Florida was barely affected.

The community stays in Babcock Ranch, a town that’s 100 percent powered by solar. During the storm, the Babcock Ranch’s solar facilities supplied the community with power and kept a storm shelter open.

Obviously, there were other factors at play that made the community almost invincible, other than the fact that it is 100 percent solar-powered. But this incident demonstrates that solar power is the energy of the future.

Unfortunately, solar energy only makes up 12 percent of U.S energy consumption, about one percent of the total consumption. The following myths could explain why people are still skeptical about this whole solar thing. Below, an electrician in Tyler, TX, debunks some of the most common solar energy myths.

Myth: Solar Only Works on Sunny and Warm Days.

Fact: Solar power can work in every climate. It works better in sunny and cold climates because heat can interfere with conversion. Because solar panels collect sunlight, not heat, they work even on cloudy and rainy days.

But what about snow? When your electrician installs solar panels, the technician will ensure that the panels are at an angle to enable the snow to slide off and prevent it from accumulating.

Myth: Solar Panels Are Not Efficient.

Fact: Solar panels cannot absorb all forms of sunlight. Some light will be turned into heat or reflected off the panel. That’s why most residential solar panels have an efficiency rate of 22 percent instead of 100 percent.

But this is enough to power a home. With advancements in solar technology, this efficiency rate will continue to increase. But if you wait for better, more efficient solar panels, you will miss out on the money-saving benefits you can gain now. There are more expensive panels that your electrician can recommend if you’re interested.

Myth: Solar Panels Need Regular Maintenance.

Fact: A solar system can last for 25 years or more. It’s meant to be durable and withstand harsh weather conditions. The only maintenance that will need is the occasional cleaning and an annual inspection by an electrician to check the system’s efficiency.

Myth: Installing a Solar System Is Too Expensive.

Fact: As solar energy has become increasingly popular and with governments funding research, solar systems are becoming cheaper. Besides, numerous incentives and tax credits are offered to people who go solar. Solar installation companies provide different financing options, so you do not have to pay for everything all at once.

If you are a tenant or solar panel installation is not possible for some reason, you could benefit from a solar community program. These programs allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to own a system.

Multiple people share one single solar array, and you can either lease or buy a portion of the panels. If you are not sure your community has such a program, ask your electrician.

Myth: Solar Panels Are Bad for the Roof of a House.

Fact: If the roof of your house is not already damaged, solar panels help protect the part they cover. The panels shield the shingles from wind and weather, thus making them last longer. Solar panels do not weigh much more than the shingles they’re mounted on. An electrician specializing in solar installations knows how to install panels on any roof carefully. You need to make sure that the roof is not already damaged.

Myth: Solar Energy Is Not Worth It if You Don’t Plan to Live in Your Home for a Long Period.

Fact: Many people fear they won’t see a return on investment soon enough. Depending on how sunny your location is, the payback time for a solar system could be anywhere from 5 to 12 years.

This could be even less if you add in tax credits and incentives. If you plan to sell your house, a solar system can significantly increase the resale value.

Myth: Solar Power Will Even Work During a Power Outage.

Fact: Most solar energy systems are connected to a local power grid via net metering installed by an electrician. This enables homeowners to have electricity even during bad weather.

The energy generated by the solar system will be deducted from the energy bill, and any excess power will go to the grid. During a power outage, residential solar systems are shut down to protect utility workers while fixing power lines.

Some solar systems come with a backup power option. This system will disconnect your home from the grid during a blackout. Solar energy stored in the batteries will continue to power your house. Talk to your electrician near me in Tyler, TX, if you prefer this system, as this added feature usually costs more.

Myth: The Manufacturing Costs of Solar Panels Outdo the Benefits.

Fact: While solar panels are environmentally friendly, some might say the manufacturing process is not. The energy generated by solar panels can repay manufacturing costs in just a few years. Because they can last more than 20 years, waste from solar panels is minimal, and the materials are easy to recycle.

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