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Make Your Home Winter-Ready: A Guide From A Trusted Electrician | Tyler, TX

For many people, winter is the most beautiful time of the year; it’s when beautiful memories are made. Spending time with loved ones around a warm fireplace, cooking up a scrumptious feast for friends and family, or enjoying the white landscape. But imagine waking up to an icy cold house due to a failed heating system or power outage.

An electrical failure can be a nightmare, and if you do not prepare your home’s electrical system for this cold season, it could quickly become a reality. If you are a homeowner in Tyler, TX, there are a few things your electrician wants you to keep in mind when it comes to winter preparations.

Backup Power

Power outages are more likely to happen in winter due to the harsh weather and increased energy consumption. It would be best to have a backup generator to keep safe and warm even during the worst winter storm.

Whether you need a portable or standby backup generator will depend on how much you are willing to spend and your energy needs. To ensure a generator will work when needed, you must run it regularly throughout the year. Have an electrician periodically maintain it and check for leaks and other damage.

If you do not want to go out in the cold to turn on a generator during an outage, a specialized electrician can connect it to your home’s electrical system. When the standard power supply is interrupted, an automatic transfer switch will turn on the generator.

If your generator has a battery, you must regularly check that it still has charge, as the cold weather can affect its charging ability. Only run a generator outdoors and away from windows, but ensure it is protected from water and snow that could damage the electrical parts.

Electrical Safety

During winter, you must pay extra attention to your home’s electrical safety. With people spending more time indoors, the increased energy consumption can easily overload the electrical system.

An overloaded system is more likely to fail, leading to damaged wiring. Faulty wiring and exposed or damaged wires are potential fire hazards. Have an electrician check for any broken wires. If the wiring in your house is old, you might need to upgrade it to handle the increased energy demand. The technician will also check the electrical panel to ensure all circuit breakers are properly installed and functioning.

Another important safety device to check on is the smoke detector. During cold weather, there is a higher risk of carbon monoxide buildup due to the lack of ventilation. Around 430 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. Regularly test smoke detectors and alarms and replace the batteries if needed.

Energy Savings

Many people wonder why their energy bill is higher during winter. But did you know that heating alone accounts for 45 percent of energy bills? Additionally, TVs and lights are constantly on. Add to that the increased cooking during the festive season, and it becomes obvious why your electricity bill is higher.

A simple thing to do is to unplug any device that’s not in use, including TVs, computers, phones, and laptops. Avoid using space heaters as they consume a lot of energy. Better yet is to invest in energy-saving appliances like smart thermostats.

This device can learn your preferred temperature and automatically adjust the temperature when you’re away or sleeping. Energy-efficient appliances also do not burden your electrical system as much as conventional types.

If you haven’t done so already, you should hire a licensed electrician to perform an energy assessment of your house. The resulting report will show you where energy is lost and what you can do to prevent that. Reducing air leaks and increasing insulation can greatly reduce heat loss and thus help conserve energy.


You will often have the lights on for a long time during the short winter days. Security lights also need to be brighter and last longer. The first thing you could do is replace all incandescent light bulbs with LED lights.

LED light bulbs consume 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than conventional lights. If you plan to decorate your house with holiday light strings, look for LED lights and ENERGY STAR-rated products.

To ensure the decorative lights are not on all night long, you can install an automated light system to turn them off at your preferred time. While installing these lights, you need to ensure that all outdoor outlets are protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

A GFCI outlet is different from normal outlets in that it prevents electrocution when coming into contact with water. If you are unsure if the outlet is a GFCI or is actually working, always have your electrician in Tyler, TX perform an extra check.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining a home’s electrical system is necessary to prevent major failures and potential fires. Make sure all the outlets and light switches are functioning.

If you have a water heater or furnace that runs on natural gas, it most likely has some electrical component to work correctly, which needs to be checked. Hire your trusted electrician to complete an inspection to ensure the electrical system is ready for winter.

Winter Is Coming. Are You Ready?

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