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How to Keep Your Children Safe from Electrical Hazards at Home | Electrical Service in Tyler, TX

Children have an instinct to explore and discover everything around them. Their increasing curiosity makes them roam all around the house, often leading to accidents. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is safe at home. You should take necessary steps to childproof your house as soon as possible because the more you delay it; the more will be the chances of your little human being getting into trouble.

Electrical services in Tyler,TX, can help you make your house electrically safer for your kids. A current as low as 0.1 Amperes is enough to electrocute an adult human being. Children are more sensitive than adults hence you should be extra cautious when your kids are around electrical appliances at home. Make sure to follow these precautionary steps in order to keep your children safe from electrical hazards.

1. Say No to Extension Cords

Extension cords and power strips are one of the major electrical threats for your children. They are a huge attraction for your inquisitive children, making them poke their fingers inside the sockets or chew on the cord.

Electrical services in Tyler, TX suggests that you should get rid of all the extension cords present in your house. As long as they remain in your kids’ sight, they will most likely end up hurting themselves. In case you cannot survive without using extension cords, you must make sure that they are out of your child’s reach. You can mount them on the wall or place them at a height where your child’s little hands cannot reach.

2. Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

GFCIs were introduced about half a century ago. Since then, they have saved millions of lives by preventing electrocution. They work by cutting off power to the appliance that is connected, in case there’s a leakage. You should contact electrical services in Tyler, TX to hire a reliable electrician who can install GFCIs in your house. It will help in keeping your children and the whole family safe from electrical accidents.

3. Cover Your Electrical Sockets

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, about 2400 children are injured every year by tampering with electrical receptacles. The easiest way to protect your children from this hazard is to buy a pack of electrical outlet caps. All you need to do is plug those plastic covers into electrical power outlets present all around the house and, you’re good to go. The plastic shielding will add to the safety of your children by preventing them from poking their fingers into the socket.

4. Always Unplug Appliances

Another way to keep your children safe from electrical hazards is to switch off all power outlets that are not in use. Electrical services in Tyler, TX, suggests that you should unplug all your household appliances before going to bed. It will keep your child safe from the danger of electrocution.

5. Shorten Cords

Some electrical appliances such as lamps have very long cords attached to them which can serve as a threat to your child’s safety. The extra length of the cord can end up getting wrapped around your kid’s legs, making them trip or even pull the electrical appliance on themselves. Your little one will end up hurting themselves and, that will make you feel guilty for not being vigilant. Contact some professional electrical services in Tyler, TX, to hire an expert electrician who will help you shorten long cords without any hassle.

6. Teach Your Children

Older children who are capable of understanding electrical hazards should be taught about the dos and don’ts of electrical safety. Tell them why water and electricity can never mix. Also, educate them why it is necessary not to overload power outlets. Make sure that they don’t plug their mobile charger, video game console, and the television all in one outlet. Kids learn the best by observation so it would be great if you demonstrate the right way of using all the appliances present in your house.

Electrical services in Tyler, TX, suggest that you should instruct your children to stay away from trees near power lines when they are playing outdoors. It is also important to teach your kids what to do in case of an electrical emergency. Tell them that they should turn off the main supply in case of an electrical shock. Make sure that they know where the main switch is located.

7. Install Nightlights

Electrical services in Tyler, TX, recommends installing nightlights as part of childproofing your house. Make sure that you install nightlights in their bedroom and bathroom. It will keep them safe from tripping over in the dark when they wake up to use the toilet. Nightlights come in different shapes and sizes with varying features. You can also install a nightlight that automatically turns of at dawn, so you don’t have to worry about switching it off.

8. Schedule Regular Electrical Maintenance

You should look for electrical services in Tyler, TX, to hire a reliable electrician for regular electrical maintenance. The electrician will make sure that all the loose wires and broken switches are fixed. A professional inspection by an electrician will also ensure that your house wiring is safe, in accordance with the legal standards.

9. Don’t Use Faulty Appliances

If the electrical appliances at your house feel hot when you touch them, you must resort to a reliable electrician. Appliances tend to heat up if they have a broken or loose wire within them. If you keep using the faulty appliance, the situation may get worse. You may experience an electric shock upon touching the appliance. Make sure to contact a trustworthy electrical service in Tyler, TX, to hire an electrician who can fix your appliances. It will keep you and your kids safe from electrical accidents.

Having children comes with the responsibility of keeping them safe. If you need to know more information on childproofing your house, you can contact Mister Sparky East Texas. We provide the best electrical services in Tyler, TX. Give us a call today!