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Energy-Saving Tips for Businesses | Electricians in Tyler, TX

There are a number of ways to reduce energy consumption, and save money. First up are energy-saving tips for businesses that won’t cost you anything, brought to you by Mister Sparky electricians in Tyler, TX.

  • Maintain a thermostat temperature of 78 degrees F when the building is occupied, and 85 degrees F when not occupied.
  • Prevent phantom energy use by unplugging all equipment possible, such as computers, fax machines, monitors, copiers, and printers.
  • Turn the water heater temperature down to 120 degrees F.
  • Schedule annual water heater maintenance to remove limescale, saving energy, maintaining performance and extending the lifespan of the appliance.
  • Ensure outdoor lighting is turned off during the day.
  • Close the blinds on south and west facing windows during the day to prevent heat gain.
  • If you provide a refrigerator for employees, periodically vacuum the coils, ensuring they have the required ventilation to function properly, and efficiently.

Low Cost Tips

The following low cost tips can save your business up to 25 % on energy costs.

  • Replace cracked or missing caulking on windows, and weatherstripping on doors.
  • Install ceiling fans where people will be present. Ceiling fans won’t actually lower the room temperature, but they can make people feel cooler. This enables you to turn the thermostat down a few degrees without impacting their comfort. An alternative is to provide fans for employees to help cool them. Our licensed electricians in Tyler, TX can provide a reliable installation for you.
  • Install a programmable thermostat and eliminate forgotten temperature changes when the doors close. You can save up to 20 % on the cost of air conditioning with this step alone. In addition, consider a locking cover to prevent employees from changing the settings. A programmable thermostat will automatically provide the temperature adjustment you program in.
  • Change the air filters monthly, and schedule annual maintenance and inspection of the HVAC system. Routine maintenance will ensure you receive the highest performance and energy efficiency from the air conditioning system. Air filters protect the HVAC system from damaging dust, and help to reduce the need for repair when routinely changed. Furthermore, a quality air filter can improve the air quality in your building. HEPA filters clean the air that moves through them, but can’t be used in all systems. If your HVAC system can’t tolerate a HEPA, pleated filters are an option for cleaner air and are tolerated by most systems. Check with your HVAC technician to ensure you are using the proper filter.
  • Install window film, or use drapes or blinds to help prevent heat gain from overworking the air conditioner, which increases its energy consumption.
  • Plant trees on the south and west sides of your building to provide shade.
  • Replace lighting and exit signs with energy efficient LED lighting. They last longer and are significantly more energy efficient. Compact fluorescents are not as efficient as LED’s, but are more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

You can also save energy by installing occupancy sensors or timers for lighting. Occupancy sensors automatically shut lighting off when a room is unoccupied, and turn the lights on when someone enters the room. Examples of rooms where motion sensors may be useful are conference rooms, utility sheds, storage rooms, restrooms, employee break rooms, and janitor closets. Contact Mister Sparky electricians in in Tyler, TX for installation.

  • Use timers to control the on/off function of outdoor lighting. Mister Sparky electricians in Tyler, TX can provide the installation for you.
  • For buildings with an attic, our electricians in Tyler, TX can provide the professional installation of attic fans. Attic fans can maintain a cooler attic, resulting in cooler temperatures in the rooms below.
  • Insulate hot water supply lines.

Higher Cost Upgrades

  • Add insulation in the attic, and in the walls where it’s possible.
  • Install low-E windows.
  • When it’s time to replace the HVAC system, an Energy Star certified unit will save you money.
  • Consider a lighting control system for your businesses lighting. Often called Smart Lighting, the systems are widely used in commercial indoor and outdoor lighting for greater control, and to maximize energy conservation.

Lighting control systems can automatically adjust a lighting device’s output based on the time of day, sunrise and sunset, the use of occupancy sensors; photocells, and others. Contact Mister Sparky electricians in Tyler, TX for additional information.

Additional Tips for Saving Energy

Use the natural lighting of windows and skylights, rather than a light fixture. In addition,  walls painted in a light color can brighten a room, potentially requiring less lighting.

Electrical Safety

If tripped breakers are common in your office, electrical circuits may be overloaded with an excess of equipment. This interrupts employee productivity, is a fire hazard and may cause damage to equipment. Contact Mister Sparky electricians in Tyler, TX to ensure adequate electrical circuits for your needs. In addition, if your electrical service panel is no longer sufficient, or is outdated, our electricians in Tyler, TX can provide the upgrade your business requires. Our electricians offer a wide range of electrical services for commercial and residential applications.

There are additional solutions, and energy-saving tips for businesses; including those required for your building’s unique characteristics.  To receive commercial electrical services, such as backup generators, security lighting, surge protection, panel upgrades or electrical installations, contact Mister Sparky electricians in Tyler, TX.