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Electricians in Tyler, TX – Surge Protection

With the advent of technology, today’s homes require more electrical conduits, electrical components, devices and appliances than ever before. All of this technology makes our daily lives easier, but they can also make our lives more dangerous.  More so than ever before the intricacies of properly setting up a modern home’s electrical system can be quite daunting and frustrating for the average home owner whom will require the professional services provided by electricians in Tyler, TX and surrounding areas.

Surges are a modern day problem that can happen at any given time and whenever they do happen they can possibly cause detrimental damage to the electronics and other appliances in your home that will require the professional help from electricians in Tyler, TX to look into it for the homeowner. Electricity that reaches our homes is unfortunately not always constant and this current provided by the electric companies can go up or down due to many circumstances. Circumstances such as power downed power lines, excessive electrical usage, power outages and even thunderstorms.  

The damages to appliances and electronics is not always easily detectable and this is why electricians in Tyler, TX advice that all homes should have surge protectors installed on expensive appliances and electronics for the added safety and insurance.  By adding surges protectors, the homeowner helps assist in the prevention of the possibility of damage due to the surges in electricity homes can experience. Below we will go over some of the advantages to having surge protectors installed in your home.

Appliances and Electronics

Unlike the days of yore, pretty much every appliance and electronic that you can purchase today contains circuit boards.  Nowadays it is also becoming common to find that these appliances and electronics not only contain circuit boards but quite a many of them are now also containing microprocessors.  Microprocessors make it possible for many added benefits in these appliances and electronics, such as, smart technology that allows homeowners to network their devices for multiple reasons; pair these devices with their smart phones, and much more.

However, microprocessors have a down side; they are very sensitive to the effects of power surges and without adequate protection, microprocessors will short out. Unfortunately, whenever this happens you are most likely looking to have to purchase an entire circuit board that can control much more than just the microprocessor. Unlike a laptop or computer where you can just replace the microprocessor, most appliances and electronics will have their microprocessors soldered onto the circuit board making for replacement of this specific technology highly improbable to undertake.

Whenever this happens you will end up having to replace the entire circuit board, or if the parts are not available, the entire unit itself. This of course can be pretty costly.  However, with proper surge protection in the home, this can most likely be avoided. Professional electricians in Tyler, TX can assist you with professional surge protection services such as whole-house surge protection systems, outlets and portable surge protection devices.

The Cost of Replacement Versus Protection

Regardless of whether a homeowner chooses to hire electricians in Tyler, TX for repairs or decides to purchase new appliances and / or electronics, there is absolutely no doubting that adequate protection could have prevented a preventable expense.  When one thinks of the costs associated with purchasing surge protections for the entire home, thinking of whole house surge protection may sound like something that could be very well expensive.  However, it is not.

Many professional electrical repair companies will install whole house surge protection systems, such as Mister Sparky in East Texas.  Whole house surge protection systems are a great investment for homeowners who are looking to ensure the protection for the expensive appliances and electronics from the possibility of surges that can damage them or even start a fire and cause even more catastrophic damage to the home.

There are many different types of surge protection devices that are available. Electricians in Tyler, TX recommend that homeowners not only have whole house surge protection systems installed for the entire home but to also have added point-of-use surge protection devices paired with expensive appliances and electronics for the added safety and insurance.

Finally, let it be clear there is absolutely no surge protection device available on the market that can prevent damage from lightning strikes that are direct hits.  If your home takes a direct strike from lightning, only luck will prevent any device that is plugged into an outlet from being utterly destroyed.

About Mister Sparky in Tyler, Texas

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