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Electrician in Tyler, TX – Your Home’s Electrical System

Electrician in Tyler, TX – A home’s electrical system is more than just electrical wires, it is a more than often complex system that is designed to deliver the electricity that you need in order to enjoy a modern life as safely as possible.  Understanding all of the components that make up your home’s electrical system can be useful.  In this article we will go over these components that make up your home’s electrical system and what they do for you.

The Electric Meter

We start with the electrical line that will run from the electric pole to your home and connects into a metal box that is often referred to as an electric meter. Sometimes the wires may be buried underground rather than run from a pole. Electric meters are typically installed on the outside of a home in order for the utility company to readily and easily be able to read the meter.  However, in some areas of the United States the traditional meters are being replaced with smart meters that send the data back to the utility company.

The purpose of the meter is to measure the amount of electricity that a home is utilizing so that the utility provider can charge the homeowner the correct amount of their usage.  Electricity will be charged in units of kilowatt hours or kWh for short.  There are also meters that can be used with homes that have renewable energy sources so that if the home is producing more electricity than it is using it will be sent through the meter and sold as excess renewable electricity back to the utility provider.

The Service Panel

The electric meter will connect to your home’s service panel. The service panel is a large metal box that can usually be found in a home’s utility closet, garage or basement.  The service panel will contain multiple devices called circuit breakers. There will be one breaker in the service panel that is connected to the wire coming from the electric meter and that one breaker will feed electricity to each other circuit breaker located in the service panel.

The other individual circuit breakers located in the service panel will be connected to wiring throughout the home. Each breaker will control a certain section of the home, appliance, and / or other aspects.  Such as, you may have one circuit breaker that controls all of the lights in the home and another that controls all of the outlets in the home. The wires that are connected to each breaker and go throughout the home leading to lights and outlets are called a circuit.

Circuit Breakers

The circuit breakers found within the service panel help protects the home from the electrical fires.  Each circuit breaker will be rated to handle a certain amount of amperage.  The electrical wiring that connects to that circuit breaker will be rated to handle the amount of amperage that is rated for the circuit breaker.

If there is too many devices connected to the circuit and it goes above the rated amount of amperage for the circuit breaker then as a safety precaution the breaker will trip and shut off electricity going through that circuit in order to prevent an electrical fire from possibly occurring.

The Circuit

The electrical wiring that is connected to each individual circuit breaker will lead to outlets, switches, lighting receptacles, and possibly other devices such as door bells, fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and the like.

Electrical wiring allows for electricity provided to the home by the utility provider to travel through. Without it, you could not power up your electronics, appliances or lights. Electrical wiring comes in many sizes, the bigger the diameter of the wiring, the more amperage that wiring is able to utilize without overheating.

The rated amperage for a wiring is critical with matching with the circuit breakers amperage rating.  One should never use electrical wiring that is only able to handle 10 amps with a circuit breaker that is labeled for 60 amps, for example, otherwise an electrical fire is more than certain.


There are multiple types of outlets; the most common are standard outlets, GFCIs, and AFCIs.  Ground fault circuit interrupts outlets sense when a person receives a shock and they will automatically kill the flow of electricity at the outlet or breaker within milliseconds to avoid the shock and electrocution.  AFCIs are for whenever water or metal or metal to metal contact happens which are called dead shorts.  These can be detected with GFCIs , however, if it is less direct, it may not result in a dead short, but electrical arcing.  GFCIs cannot detect electrical arcing, however, AFCIs can. 

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