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Color Temperature

While many people spend a lot of time selecting their home’s decor, one factor often overlooked is the color temperature of the light bulbs used in each room. Typically, when buying bulbs, the majority of people base their selection on the lumens, and/or the wattage. Color temperature can affect a room’s appearance, mood and its visual comfort. Furthermore, your choice of light bulbs can affect the electrical bill, potentially saving you money. Mister Sparky can provide the electrician services in Tyler, TX you need, with installations designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our electricians also offer electrical repair and other  electrician services in Tyler, TX for your home or office.

Color temperature determines whether lighting is warm, cold or bright white like sunlight. The higher the color temperature, the closer it becomes to the bright white of sunlight. This is a simplified explanation of color temperature.

How it Affects Your Home

Color temperature affects how things look directly. For example, it can affect the color of the paint on the walls, the color of furnishings, and even the way your skin appears. If your furnishings are in good shape, but simply don’t appeal to you as you initially thought, upgrade your lighting before spending a significant amount of money on new paint and furnishings.

The Recommended Selections

In terms of lighting, the Kelvin (K) value, describes the hue of light emitted by a bulb. The higher the Kelvin value, the closer the light will be to actual sunlight. Light bulbs with an output of 3500K or lower on the Kelvin scale will provide a warm glow. Above 3500 K, lighting begins to enter the realm of “cool white: or “bright white,” and begins to take on a bluish cast. Lighting at 3500K is considered ideal for reading, and detail oriented tasks, which in what you are most likely to find in the commercial environment. Its the preferred choice for your reading nook, or home office desk. When you plan electrical upgrades, consider recessed lighting for improving your homes appearance and function. Contact Mister Sparky for reliable electrician services in Tyler, TX.

Above the 4200K+ range will provide a blue hue closer to, or even exceeding, that of sunlight’s 5600K value.


In living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and bedrooms use warmer lighting. 2700K light bulbs are often denoted as “soft white” or “warm white.” This range will provide a cozy atmosphere, softening facial features and offering a yellow light similar to incandescent bulbs. However, in terms of how it affects your home, steer away from 2700 K light in rooms with dark colors or white paint. Dark rooms will feel confined, while white colors will appear too yellow. In rooms with darker colors, white colors, dark wood or dark rustic furnishings, use a 3000K bulb to provide a comfortable environment.

In bathrooms, select lighting with a 4000-4500K bulb around the mirror.  This range will provide the best lighting for applying makeup and shaving.  However, it will also allow dust and dirt to be more visible, so use a 2700K to 3000K bulb in the primary overhead lighting. Lighting in the 4000-4500K  scale is also recommended for garages, closets, work areas in the kitchen. A kitchen requires a variety of lighting, in order to provide for both its appearance and function. However, many people prefer a 3500K to prevent food from appearing unappetizing from the blue white cast of higher Kelvin bulbs. Mister Sparky can provide the electrician services in Tyler, TX that you require.

Versatile LED Bulbs

Light Emitting Diode (LED) or LED lighting is a semiconductor light source offering the highest energy efficiency available in a light bulb. LED’s are typically rated to last 25,000 to 70,000 hours or longer. In other words, LED bulbs can last 22 years or more. LED lighting consumes up to 95% less energy than an incandescent bulb. Contact Mister Sparky for professional  electrician services in Tyler, TX.

In addition, LED lighting offers an advantage to older home’s in need of electrician services in Tyler, TX for rewiring, due to overloaded circuits. Because they consume significantly less electricity, LED bulbs can take some of the strain off of the affected circuits, and may assist you in reducing the risk of overloading circuits. While it may not provide the circuits you need, LED bulbs may reduce the risk. Talk to a Mister Sparky electrician in Tyler, TX for additional information. Mister Sparky professionals can provide the electrician services in Tyler, TX you require for your home or business.

Some LED bulbs allows versatility, and the ability to change between cool and warm light. They are designed to replace existing bulbs, and some can be controlled using a mobile app. You can adjust the color temperature, or even choose a color of your choice for entertaining, such as bright blue, purple, pink, green, and many others.  Considered adjustable bulbs, they offer a wide variety of options without the need to select various bulbs for every room in your home. While they cost more, keep in mind LED bulbs can last 55,000 hours, and even more. One bit of caution in purchasing LED bulbs of any kind. Choose a good name brand for the longest life.

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