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Electrical Services in Tyler, TX – Smart Gadgets

Electrical Services in Tyler, TX – Smart home products are all the rave nowadays, and while smart products are only recently coming available to the public, the number of smart home products that are reaching the market daily is rapidly expanding. All of this can leave the average homeowner in the dust when it comes to what is out there and more important what are some of the best smart options available on the market?

There are devices that control the lighting in a home, thermostats, televisions, door locks, refrigerators, crock pots and more. The endless barrage of smart this and that seems to be everywhere. Below we go over some of the most popular smart home systems and gadgets that are available.

Voice Assistants – Amazon, Google or Apple?

Amazon, Apple, and Google all have their own voice assistants that you can use to assist in controlling your home’s smart devices, but out of the three which is one is the best one to purchase?  All three are great, however, when it boils down to present day compatibility, Amazon’s 2nd generation echo pulls ahead of the other two with having the most compatible smart home devices.  However, support for both Apple and Google is growing.

Security Cameras

Netgear’s ARLO Q 1080p camera offers some of the best video quality for both day and night available on the market.  On top of this, the camera also has superb motion detection and an intuitive and flexible scheduling feature.  It also features 2-way audio, instant notification if motion sensors are triggered, and a 130-degree field of view.
Smart Thermostats

One of the most popular smart thermostats across the nation to date is the Ecobee series. It has built-in Alexa voice service, far-field voice technology and room sensor capabilities.  The room sensors will detect hot and / or cold spots and with the appropriate heating and cooling system be able to deliver conditioned air to the areas of the home that matter the most.

It is compatible with most heating and cooling systems and support for humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilators, HRV and ERVs.  The thermostat can also determine the amount of heating or cooling it needs to deliver based upon the room sensors, local weather reports and your programmed schedule in order to give the most efficient indoor comforts possible.

Light Bulbs

Philips Hue White bulbs are one of the most popular smart light bulbs sold and the starter kit comes with two bulbs and a hub to connect other smart home devices too. The bulbs brightness can be changed up to 800 lumens and the hub will support up to 50 other smart devices. Philips Hue White bulbs are also compatible with most smart home systems such as Amazon Echo, Alexa, Apple Homekit, Nest, and more.

Smart Plugs

The TP-Link HS105 is an expensive solution to making any device in your home “smart”.  With it, you can control turning on / off the devices connected to it remotely. You can also establish a schedule for the devices connected to it to turn on and off at set times.  The HS105 can also be connected to other smart home systems such as Alexa, Google Home, and more.

Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The Nest protect is a combination detector that will detect not only smoke but carbon monoxide also. It’s sensors are also able to detect not only slow burning fires but fast ones also.  One of the coolest features of the Nest Protect is that if there is a fire, it will alert you with what room in the home the fire is located, and it can be linked to other smart devices, such as the Philips Hue lights in order to have them automatically turn on when there is an emergency.

Smart Locks

The August Smart Lock Pro has features that can alert you if the door is left ajar and works in conjunction with most other smart home systems such as Alexa, Google, Apple and more. It also can be paired with the August Doorbell Cam.

Smart Hub

There are many smart hubs to choose from but one of the best tends to be the Samsung Smarthings hub. It will work with a huge array of smart gadgets and if you have or are planning on purchasing a 4K television, Samsung has integrated this technology into some of their 2016 and higher 4K televisions.

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