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Electrical Services: Reasons Your House Could Fail An Electrical Inspection and What To Do About It | Tyler, TX

An electrical inspection is necessary if you are planning to buy or sell a house, want to do extensive electrical upgrades, or your home is old. Because federal and local codes in Tyler, TX, keep changing, your residential property might need an inspection to ensure it is up to code.

If you are worried about an upcoming review, the following guide can help you pinpoint specific problems and show you what you can do in each situation.

Exposed Wires

One of the dangers of using the DIY approach to resolve electrical problems is that wires are left exposed and not correctly spliced or protected.

Exposed wires can cause an electrical fire. Always seek professional electrical services to avoid such simple mistakes if you have an electrical problem.

Too Many Extension Cords

Extension cords should only be used as a temporary solution. You can be in serious trouble if you rely too much on extension cords. The improper use of extension cords is the cause of almost 3,300 home fires each year.

To avoid unnecessary injuries, hire your local company, known for delivering quality electrical services, to install additional outlets.

No Tamper-Resistant Outlets

The National Electrical Code requires all outlets to be tamper-resistant. These receptacles prevent a child from sticking an object into the opening. Each year, around 2,400 children experience electrical shock due to inserting items into an outlet.

The shutters on a tamper-resistant receptacle only open if both slots are activated. You need to upgrade those outlets even if you do not have kids. If you want to sell your house, it will fail an inspection if the outlets are not tamper-proof.

Improperly Wired Switches and Outlets

This is another problem of DIY fixes. Using internal cables outside, incorrectly wiring outlets and switches by reversing the polarity, and not correctly securing wires can cause electrical shocks and fires.

Always hire a licensed electrical services provider to perform any electrical upgrades or repairs for peace of mind. You can also ask them to check if all switches and outlets are placed at the correct height, as this is another aspect an electrical inspector will look at.

Ungrounded Receptacles

This is more likely the case in a house built before 1960. Ungrounded outlets are a potential fire hazard. Current electrical practices require that every home’s wiring system is properly grounded.

Ungrounded outlets usually have two slots and no hole for the ground wire. Some people think they can replace a two-prong outlet with a three-prong one.

But a receptacle needs to be correctly wired for it to be properly grounded. Another reason to get this done is by a professional electrical services provider.

Lack of GFCI Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are required in places where the outlet could contact water. Areas like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and the outside of the house all need GFCI protection.

GFCI outlets protect against electrocution when an abnormal change in current is detected. To be sure all GFCIs are functioning correctly, hire your local electrical services provider to check each receptacle and install additional ones where needed.

Problems with the Electrical Panel

If the house is older, the electrical panel is likely outdated. Outdated panels cannot meet modern energy demands and pose a serious safety threat. Also, ensure that open slots are covered to prevent pests and rodents from entering and causing damage.

An electrical services provider will also check if the panel contains a surge protector and an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI). At least 50 percent of home electrical fires could be prevented if every home had proper AFCI protection.

Double-Tapped Circuit Breakers

Most circuit breakers are meant to hold only one wire. When two wires are connected, the loose connection could potentially cause a fire. The extra load will also cause the breaker to overheat and trip more often.

To solve this, a licensed electrician can insert an additional circuit breaker or install a breaker that can hold two wires. No breaker should ever have three or more wires connected to it.

Painted Outlets

You might wonder why painting outlets is such a bad idea. Painted outlets are more likely to overheat. Paint trapped in the slots will prevent an electrical connection when inserting a plug.

Painted GFCI outlets might not function properly, and tamper-resistant receptacles could fail to open or close. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors for outlets and switches, and you will find one that matches your decor.

Trees and Bushes Touch Power Lines

Branches or limbs that touch power lines can cause damage and even power outages. If you have a tall tree that is dangerously close to a power line, you should look for a professional tree service that can safely trim the tree without damaging the cable or your property.

In a Nutshell

These are just a few things that would get flagged in an electrical inspection. Suppose you are planning to sell your house in Tyler, TX. In that case, requesting electrical services from a licensed contractor to perform an electrical inspection and repairs is a good idea. You do not want to lose a potential buyer due to non-compliance with local and national codes.

If your house was inspected and failed, there is no need to panic. You can request electrical services from a licensed electronics technician in your area to help bring your house up to code.

With Mister Sparky of East Texas, You Don’t Have to Worry About Code Compliance

An electrical inspection does not have to be a stressful event. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure the safety of a home and its occupants. At Mister Sparky of East Texas, our trained and licensed electricians are all well-versed in the current trends and changes in electrical codes.

They will answer any questions and help you understand the different aspects of electrical compliance. Our electrical services include repairs, wiring and rewiring, lighting, and ceiling fan installations.

When you hire us for any electrical job, you can rest assured that the work is done professionally and efficiently. For more information about our services in Tyler, TX, give Mister Sparky of East Texas a call today.

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