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Electrical Safety Tips to Keep Your House Safe During a Storm | Electricians in Tyler, TX

Are you worried about your family’s safety during the storm? Do you wish to keep everyone safe when it rains heavily and the wind roars? Electricians in Tyler, TX, have got you covered!

Sudden weather changes that lead to terrible storms and heavy rainfall are usually not welcomed by people. The loud and frightening sounds of heavy thunder and lightning scare away pets and children. Moreover, strong winds erode trees from their roots which makes them topple over high tension electrical lines, disturbing the electricity distribution system of that area.

Strong winds and heavy rainfall during storms damage property worth thousands of dollars and no one is held responsible for it. Humans have no power over hurricanes, storms, and rainfall but the least we can do is control some of the damages caused by it. This will ensure that we, along with our families, remain safe.

To keep yourself safe during the storm season in Tyler, follow these pro electrical safety tips by expert electricians in Tyler, TX.

Dry Excess Water Using a Mop

If water enters your house during a heavy storm, use a mop to dry the excess water. The rainwater may enter your electrical appliances and interfere with their working. Moreover, your family members might slip if they walk on the wet floor. It’s best to keep all doors and windows closed so that water does not enter the house but if it does, instantly grab a mop and get rid of the water.

In some extreme cases, rainwater may enter your basement. Immediately call a restoration service so that they can pump the water out. Moreover, if the water has entered power outlets in your basement, look for electricians in Tyler, TX, to repair them.

Turn off All Electrical Appliances

According to electricians in Tyler, TX, you should stop doing everything and turn off all the electrical appliances inside your house as soon as it starts to rain. The logic behind this is that your electrical appliances are connected to the electrical wiring of your house which is linked to the transmission lines present outdoors. If a lightning bolt strikes the electrical transmission lines, your household wiring will experience a huge surge of current and that might blow up your electrical appliances if they are plugged in.

Do Not Use Wet Electrical Appliances

If rainwater has flooded your house and submerged your electrical appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher, then you should not use those appliances. All you need to do is call an electrician in Tyler, TX to repair your electrical appliances so that they are safe to use.

Do Not Use Switchboards Present Outdoors

Some houses have switchboards and power outlets present outdoors. In case of a heavy storm, stay away from the outdoor electrical power outlets. Using them during a storm is unsafe. You will definitely get electrocuted if you do so. Also, do not use electrical gardening equipment such as a lawn mower during a storm. If your electrical gardening equipment has been damaged by rainwater, hire electricians in Tyler, TX to repair your gardening equipment before you use them.

Switch Off Main Supply

You might experience a power outage in case of an extremely dangerous thunderstorm. The electrical utility company cuts off power so that rainwater does not damage the household electrical system and hinder with any electrical equipment. You should remain calm during this period and prepare an emergency kit beforehand that contains an emergency flashlight, a power bank for charging your mobile phone and some snacks. Also, make sure that you switch off the main circuit breaker present in the electrical box in your house. By doing so, you will protect your household electrical system from an unexpected power surge.

Keep Your Generator Covered

If you’re thinking of using your generator as a power alternative during a storm, DON’T! Rainwater will enter your generator and cause it to blow up.

Apart from that, keep your generator covered during heavy rainfall. Either keep it in an area covered by a canopy or buy a special cover for your generator such as a metal enclosure. Keeping it open under the sky during rainfall will damage it and you will have to call electricians in Tyler, TX to repair your generator.

Leak-Proof Your House

Rainwater can enter your house through leaky roofs and cracked walls. Before the storm season approaches, make sure that you get your house inspected and repaired for leaks by a professional. This will ensure that water does not seep into your house and mess with the electrical system. Apart from your house’s roof and walls, look for other sources of water leakage such as unaligned windows and damaged foundations.

Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast

Always keep an eye on the weather forecast so that you can prepare yourself for the difficult weather conditions beforehand. Most storms and rainfalls are predicted by the weather department beforehand. By checking the weather forecast on your mobile phone, you can prepare yourself for potentially difficult situations. You can prepare your emergency kit, cover the outdoor appliances and leak-proof your house. Electricians in Tyler, TX believe that this is the best way to prepare for difficult weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes.

If you’re outdoors during the storm, stay away from fallen power lines, trees, and electrical power poles. This will decrease your chances of getting electrocuted. If you need emergency electricians in Tyler, TX during the storm, Mister Sparky is here to help you out. Their electricians are highly-experienced and know how to handle all kinds of electrical problems. If you’re stuck in an emergency situation and need an electrician, all you need to do is call Mister Sparky.