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Do You Need To Get Your House Grounded? The Electricians in Tyler, TX Can Help

Are you scared of getting an electric shock because of faulty wiring? Are you worried that fluctuations in voltage might cause your appliances to blow up? Well, you need to stop worrying. As long as you find expert electricians in Tyler, TX, you should be fine.

Why Do You Get Electric Shocks?

You feel an electric shock when your body comes in contact with any electrical source. Charges flow from the source to the ground, via your body. You act as a conductor for the current. The damage caused by an electric shock depends on the amount of current that has flown through and the amount of time it was coursing through your body.

Electric shocks can lead to a number of problems. They may cause internal or external burns on the skin. If the current passes through your brain, it might lead to brain injury. Likewise, if current flows through your chest, it might cause damage to your heart tissues. Electric shock can also prove to be fatal if a very large voltage of current flows through the body.

If you face any incident like this, seek immediate medical help. It’s also important that you get your house wiring inspected by a professional to prevent such incidents in the future. To fix the source of electric shocks, call Mister Sparky Electric for emergency electrical services in Tyler, TX.

To protect yourself and your family members from electrical accidents, you need to get your house electrically grounded. You need to hire a professional electrician for this job. The electricians in Tyler, TX, are just one call away.

What is Electrical Grounding?

Electrical grounding or simply “grounding” is a technique used to minimize the risks of an electric shock. A wire is connected from the electrical system to the earth, which creates a path for electrons to flow from the system to the ground – minimizing the chances of an electric shock.

This technique is also used in many modern devices such as computers and televisions to remove “electrical noise”. These devices generate unwanted current that is termed as electrical noise. Grounding allows the excess current to be flown out of the device into the ground.

An extra wire called the ground wire is introduced into the wiring of your house. Every grounding wire present in your house is connected to this wire. It is then connected to the main electric box of your house. The wire extends from the main box and it is connected to a grounding rod which is stuck deep into the ground outside your house.

You need professional help for this purpose.  Electricians in Tyler, TX, provide grounding services for homes.

Is Your House Wiring Grounded?

Before calling an electrician, you need to know whether you have grounded house wiring. You don’t need to solve equations or learn Kirchhoff’s laws to know that.

First, you need to check the electrical outlets. If you have two prong outlets all over your house, then you should know that your house wiring is not grounded.

On the other hand, if you have three prong outlets; that’s a good situation. Three prong outlets have two flat sockets and a third U-shaped outlet. The third socket connects to a grounding wire, which provides a return path for extra current. It helps in preventing electrocution.

If you have two prong outlets and need to replace them with grounded electrical outlets, you must seek professional help. Electricians in Tyler, TX, will provide you with a safe solution.

Why is Grounding Needed?

Grounding your house wires can prove to be beneficial for you and your family. It protects you from serious accidents in the future and also helps you save money. Here are a few reasons why you need to get your home wiring grounded.

1. Save Yourself and Your Family

Grounding your home wiring ensures that there is a separate path for extra current to flow through. For instance, consider you are holding an electric kettle that connects to a grounded outlet. If a power surge occurs, all the extra current will flow through the ground wire instead of your body. Hence, you will be saved.

For further assistance, you can contact expert electricians in Tyler, TX.

2. Greater Appliance Life

There are small currents that keep on flowing through your device without you knowing it. They cause disturbances in the electronic system, making your device wear out over time. Ground wires will allow those unwanted currents to flow through them, saving your device from damage.

If a large amount of current flows through your household appliances, they might blow out. With ground wires, the chances of your appliances getting fried are significantly lower. So your appliances last longer. In the long run, you will save money if you have ground wiring installed in your house.

3. Equal Distribution of Load

Every appliance that you use has a different power rating which means they require a different amount of current to operate. Heavy duty appliances such as a fridge require more current than your television. Hence, it is necessary that every appliance gets the required current and your household circuitry does not get overloaded. Grounding ensures that every appliance gets its required amount of current and prevents overload. Electricians in Tyler, TX can guide you better.

4. Prevent Residential Fire

Every year, 51,000 homes catch fire due to electrical faults which result in property loss of up to $1.3 billion. Getting your home wiring grounded will reduce the chances of starting an electric fire in your house. It will save you from spending a fortune on rebuilding your house and will save your family from the risk.

Grounding provides extra security to you and your family. To check whether you have a grounded household wiring you can opt for electrical services in Tyler, TX.

It is vital that you get your house regularly checked by a professional electrician. They will check all your electrical appliances, lights, and switches for current leaks. They will ensure that you have proper grounding done in your household wiring. They will check for broken or worn out wires and ensure that they in good form. In Tyler, TX, you can call an electrician to save yourself from any electrical disaster.