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Asking the Electricians in Tyler, TX – The Tripping Rain

We have been in this service industry since 1996. We have rewired old homes, installed wirings in new homes and designed and deployed fire alarm systems on different sites – our electricians in Tyler, TX have a vast experience in facilitating the locals with their electrical needs. As such we are often approached by our clients for our advice on different subjects of home wiring and one of the most commonly asked questions for which our input is sought is:

What causes the circuit breaker to trip during rain, particularly heavy rain?

To some of our readers this question may appear of little value, especially, since the tripped breaker can be easily reset. So why even seek for professional advice on the matter? Yes, that is true but it’s not completely true in cases which are encountered during a rainy season. People try to reset the breaker but often are unable to do so. It’s quite a common problem. Hence, it is important to understand as to why it happens. Because if the problem is not addressed it may develop into serious safety concerns. This prompted us to write a blog on the subject and educate our readers so as to help them avoid any inconvenience.

What We Know

We know that a circuit breaker trips due to the following reasons:

  • Circuit overloading, where too many devices are heavily consuming electricity at the same time.
  • Short circuit, where a live wire may come in contact with another live wire or neutral wire.
  • Ground fault, where a live wire comes in contact with a metallic strip, which in turn is connected to the ground wire.

We know this.

Consequently, the logic dictates that it should be ground fault or short circuit that causes a circuit breaker to trip in a rainy weather – overloading is not a major concern here. After all, the rain water provides a medium for contact between: two live wires, a live wire and a neutral wire or a live wire and a ground wire.

What We Don’t Know

Now what homeowners don’t know are the factors and reasons that promote this continuous contact. What is making the rain water to continuously short circuit or create a situation of ground fault? These are the things at which you need to look at and if required ask for a help of company that provides certified electricians in Tyler, TX.

The Exterior Electrical Outlet is Not Covered

Every home has an exterior electrical outlet nowadays so as to provide power for outdoor applications. Since they are provided outside a building, it is common to miss or to be forgetful about the prospect of covering these exterior electrical outlets with a cover or outlet box. Uncovered external outlets provide the passage for rain water to seep into the mains and cause a short circuit or ground fault. So make sure you check out all the exterior outlets atleast once a week. An additional advice would be to install a GFCI with these outlets. Contact local electricians in Tyler, TX to help you make the right choice and conduct a proper installation.

The Extension Cord that Lies in Your Garden Area

Decorating your garden area with the Christmas lights was definitely fun but don’t forget to leave that extension cord in the garden. Some extension platforms are just old and as such their wiring is frayed to allow water to make way into the cord and consequently cause your circuit breaker to trip. In other cases, people also use extension cords that have been designed for indoor usage rather than outdoor applications. These extension cords are not robust enough to provide the water sealing characteristics which are needed for outdoor applications. As a result, the rain water seeps into the extension cord and you know the rest of the story.

Generally speaking, homeowners should not use extension cords extensively for outdoor applications. If the use is extensive, you should consult certified electricians in Tyler, TX and ask them to install a new electrical line to facilitate your outdoor needs.

The Obvious Roof Leakage

Defects in the roofing systems are a common problem in Tyler, TX. Some of these problems are minor while some are major. Irrespective of the extent, a defect in a roofing system gives way to roof leakage. The infiltrated water then makes it way to the attic where most of the electrical wiring network exists and can cause short circuit. This is one of the worst possible situations that homeowners may find themselves in, as it can lead to fire breakout. Design a preventive maintenance schedule for your roofing system and regularly check the insulation on your wiring system. If you feel there is a need for replacement, contact Mister Sparky of East Texas to do the job.

The Exterior Lighting System is One of the Primary Reasons of Rain Tripping

Yes, you read this right. Exterior lighting systems and fixtures have high susceptibility to damages caused by mechanical forces and natural elements. As such they become exposed to the rain water, which infiltrates these systems and causes a short circuit, resulting in the tripping of the circuit breaker. Again, since these fixtures are located outside the living area of a residential space, the possible leak spots often go unnoticed. It is important to install the light fixtures, where possible, in areas that cannot be accessed by rain water. This could be close to the front door or under an overhang. For other applications, you can choose lighting systems like LED and solar fixtures that are sealed and may not involve the deployment of wires. For a more comprehensive solution, contact certified electricians.

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