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7 Ways You’re Wasting Electricity In The Office According To An Electrician Near Me | Tyler, TX

As a business owner, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure you don’t waste energy at work as that means you’re also wasting money. In this article, we’ll talk about the ways you’re wasting electricity and what you can do to save money. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us. No need to google “electrician near me” in Tyler, TX because Mister Sparky of East Texas is here to help.

How You’re Wasting Energy:

1. You Don’t Unplug Unused Equipment and Devices

One of the biggest culprits — and some business owners may ignore this knowing it doesn’t impact electricity usage — is not unplugging electronics that are not in use. Whether it’s the laptop or a scanner plugged in while you’re having your lunch — you’re still wasting electricity if you don’t unplug them.

Pay close attention to any electronics, appliances and other equipment that are plugged in but not in use. Make sure you turn them off completely especially when you’re not in the office because the energy wasted can add up over time. This can burn into your business money over time, if you don’t resolve it. You can also put your appliances and equipment on sleep mode when you’ll be out for a short break although unplugging them is way better.

If you have questions about electricity or need service, get in touch with an “electrician near me” in Tyler, TX. Our team of certified electricians is always here to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. You Don’t Regularly Replace Air Filters

Dirty filters don’t just affect your heating and cooling system, they can also make your furnace or air conditioner work harder. This can lead to a costly heating and AC repair service eventually especially when your heating and cooling system suddenly malfunctions. Also, when the furnace or air conditioner works harder, they use up a lot of electricity — this can skyrocket your energy bills.

Ideally, you should replace filters every two months but as a rule of thumb, we recommend you check them every month especially when your business operates 24/7. Replace dirty filters as much as possible and always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation when replacing them. You can also consider replacing your filters with HEPA filters or UV Lights as these types of filters can remove even the tiniest particles in the air. So if you have employees who have allergies and other respiratory issues, installing filters with high MERV ratings can help reduce absences at work and improve productivity.

3. You Use Incandescent Bulbs for Lighting

Compared to LED bulbs, incandescent light bulbs emit more heat and waste more energy. Consider ditching these types of light bulbs for your office lighting and switch to LED bulbs instead. Lights can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to wasting energy in the office as it can be difficult to remember to turn it off especially when you’re busy at work. Some employees may also forget to turn off the lights even during day time and this can significantly affect energy usage over time.

If you’re planning to install new office lighting, make sure to search for a licensed “electrician near me“, and this is where we come in. Our team of electricians can correctly install all types of office lighting. We also prioritize your safety most of all, so rest assured that we’re equipped with the right safety tools and equipment to ensure you’re completely safe.

4. You Have Work Appliances that are Not Energy Efficient

ENERGY STAR appliances are designed to use less energy, making them the best option for energy conservation and saving money. If you have devices and appliances that aren’t energy-efficient, we suggest you replace them ENERGY STAR devices, to conserve energy. And for installation, make sure you also hire the right professionals for it. Incorrect installation can also lead to efficiency problems that might affect how your appliance or device operates.

For anything electricity-related, please get in touch with an “electrician near me” and we’ll be there to help. We assist homeowners and businesses in your area and our team is also available 24/7 to accommodate customers requiring emergency services.

5. You Waste Electricity During Parties and Holidays

Cold weather can skyrocket your bills especially when you don’t insulate your office. Not having enough insulation can also make your heating and cooling system work harder. Also, some businesses tend to use excessive electricity in the holiday season. Try to avoid this if you want to save money. If you need help with electricity-related issues, contact an “electrician near me” today and we’ll be there to help.

6. You Don’t Educate Employees

If you have several employees, one of the things you can do to save energy is to educate them on energy savings. You can save time and money when everyone is aware of how they’re wasting energy and they’re making an effort not to waste electricity in the office. You might also want to ask them for suggestions on how to better conserve energy in the office. We’re certain some of your employees will have great ideas on energy savings. For questions regarding electricity, please get in touch with an “electrician near me” today.

7. You Don’t Hire a Licensed Electrician

For all electricity-related concerns, it’s always best to hire a licensed “electrician near me” to avoid problems with electricity. Whether it’s for repair, maintenance or installation — Get an experienced electrician for it.

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