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5 Signs You Need An Emergency Electrician | Tyler, TX

As a homeowner in Tyler, TX, you can be caught off-guard by how many responsibilities you suddenly have. Some of them are not so bad, such as picking out the paint colors for your walls or keeping your yard mowed. However, some of them can be more nerve-wracking, such as attempting to figure out if your electrical issue requires an emergency electrician or can wait until the morning. Unlike other home issues, your home electrical system comes with safety implications which can make it hard to tell whether or not you need to wait to get help from a trained electrician.

At the end of the day, if you are questioning whether or not you need an emergency electrician, it is probably better to at least call and talk to an electrician. This is a situation where you always want to err on the side of caution because there is no margin for error. As a professional, most electricians will understand this and can offer you their point of view. If they have a clear grasp of the issue, they might advise you to wait, but once again, given the safety issues, if they have any reason to be concerned, they will tell you it is a good idea to get someone out to your home.

If you have any reason to suspect your electrical issue will cause a fire or is showing any signs of sparks or smoke, then you need to call an emergency electrician immediately. It is never worth it to wait for this type of issue because the stakes are too high. However, there are other situations where it may be okay to wait. For instance, if you simply want to replace a ceiling fan or need to have a new outlet installed. While these may seem obvious, there are other situations that are not as obvious.

For this reason, we have compiled a short list of signs that you need an emergency electrician in Tyler, TX, immediately. While every situation is different, you should not wait to call an electrician if you notice any of these things happening. Even if you have noticed these signs for a few days or weeks, you have no way of knowing when things will take a turn for the worse. Your goal should be avoiding that turn.

All of these situations are considered emergencies because they carry with them the risk of fire or electrocution, and you don’t want anyone in your home exposed to either of these situations. Keep in mind also that this is not a complete list. These are just a few of the most common signs that you need an emergency electrician. There are always other signs that may crop up. If you have a gut feeling that something is awry in your home, don’t wait. Seek help from a qualified electrician right away.

Warm Power Outlets

One thing that should always merit a phone call to an emergency electrician in Tyler, TX, is if you notice that your power outlets are warm to the touch. If the outlet plate itself is warm when you go to plug something in, it signals that something is either sparking or overheating behind the plate. You should not try to troubleshoot this on your own as there is a high risk of electrocution. Instead, unplug everything from the outlet and then call an electrician and have them come take a look at the situation. It is possible that it is just a temporary power surge, but a warm outlet has a higher risk of smoke or fire eventually, and you don’t want to take that chance.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Most people get extremely annoyed if their circuit breaker continues to trap, especially if you are trying to do something and the electricity keeps going out. However, if a circuit breaker is tripping repeatedly, this is a sign that it is doing its job correctly. Either the electricity running through the circuit is too high for it to handle or something is causing a power surge that makes it flip off once you reset it. You must get to the bottom of the issue before it becomes potentially lethal. If your circuit breaker is telling you that there is an unsafe situation in your home, then you need to listen.

Electrical Burning Smells

Electrical burning smells have a unique odor, and they are not something that you smell very often. Therefore, if you notice the smell wafting through your home, you need to get immediately suspicious and have an emergency electrician come to check it out. Sometimes you’ll be able to trace the small to an outlet, a light switch, or a fixture, in which case you should immediately turn off anything connected to it. However, if you just smell it in a general area of your home, you will need the electrician to take a closer look immediately. Electricity runs throughout your home in the walls and under your flooring, so there are many hidden places where things could still be going awry.

Water Damage Near Electric

Water and electricity do not mix which is why you need to call an emergency electrician if you have any reason to believe that water has gotten near any of your electrical wiring. This pose is a huge electrocution risk and can be from something as simple as an overflowing toilet or a floor drain that has backed up and reached an outlet that it should not. Anytime you are dealing with flood water and you are worried that your electrical system has been damaged, you need to call immediately.

Buzzing Noises Near Electrical Connections/Outlets/Box

Finally, buzzing noises near your electrical Systems are never a good sign. Regardless of where you hear the buzzing noise, it is an indication that something is not working properly, and you need to have an emergency electrician come to take a look at it. If you notice this sign or any of the above, give Mister Sparky of East Texas a phone call. We will be happy to come out to your Tyler home and take care of the situation for you.

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